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21篇精选英语作文优秀范文!暑假背一背 开学拿高分

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英语书面表达在中考并不难,但要拿高分并不容易。今天小编给大家整理了下面这6类话题共21篇英语范文,这个暑假让孩子赶快背吧!写人叙事类好句积累 【开头句】1.Today I am glad to introduce a teenager. His name is Cheng Xin.2.I'm Li Hua and I'm very happy to stand here to talk about myself.3.There is always something unforgettable in my life, especially the story betweenmy friend and me.4.My friend Daniel encourages me a lot in many ways.Now let me tell you something about him.5.I visited Hong Kong last summer holiday. It's a beautiful city and I had a wonderful time there.6.Liang Ling, a 15-year-old girl, is a student in Class 1, Grade 9.7.How time flies! Three years has passed.I will graduate from junior high school.8.I still remember what happened between my best friend Lin Tao and me.9.This is a photo that is very special to me.【中间句】1.He is a helpful boy who often helps people around him.2.He is very popular in our school because he is polite to everyone.3.As for my dream,I want to be a teacher,I'll make friends with my kids.4.Like many other boys,I enjoy doing sports,but maths and science are my favorite.5.My favorite memory of my dad is that he always wants to keep me from making mistakes but he tries to let me find my own way, even though his heart breaks in silence when I get hurt.6.Though she is busy, she studies hard and gets good grades.7.I imagine that she/he is not only young but also beautiful/handsome.8.Although I wasn't willing to do it, I still lent it to him because he was my best friend.9.The next morning, I found a piece of paper. It said, “Never give up, dear.I am proud of you!”【末端句】1.I would be very thankful if you could give me the chance.2.I am sure that I can be a good volunteer at the International Dragon Competition.3.After reading so many books, I get a lot of knowledge and also feel relaxed.4.As a student, I think I should always try my best to work for our school.5.This is my best dad. I love him and I'm so proud of him.6.I had great fun in my last summer vacation.7.Although I am not the best now,I will make every effort to become a top studentand I believe you will be proud of me.8.She is great. Let's wish her a better future.9.I am looking forward to seeing her/him!10.Because I thought nothing was important than friendship.What's more, I b。





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